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ask a mentor mom![i need a break]

We have another Ask a Mentor Mom! question.  Our mentor moms have shared from their experience and their hearts and will readily admit that what they are suggesting may not work for everyone.  We acknowledge that we are all ‘coming to the table’ with different parenting strategies, different experiences and different kids so please keep that in mind as you read their answers.

Ask a Mentor Mom! Question:How can I get mini ‘breaks’ (alone time) during the day with a house full of little ones?  (or ‘dates’ with our spouses while staying home w/ a house full of little ones (and not getting a babysitter))

response from Judy…

I admire you for realizing your need for a break in a long day with little ones! Our middle child did not sleep well for the first year of his life. It took me months to learn to REST when he went down for a nap, never knowing if it would be for an hour or 5 minutes. I would make myself tea, read, pray or nap myself–anything that would give me the sense of having a break.

I did my best to get all 3 of our children to have time alone in their rooms in the afternoon, whether they napped or simply read quietly on their beds. That time I had to myself made me a better mom for them for the rest of the day.

When our kids got a bit older, my husband would tell our kids it was “mom and dad” time after dinner. They needed to leave us alone for a given amount of time–usually about 15-30″. During that time we had tea and talked about the day. Every time they interrupted that time, we made it 5 minutes longer! They learned pretty quickly! 🙂

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ask a mentor mom!

We have some fantastic mentor moms at MOPS – Rochester, NH!  These ladies have ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to raising kids and would love to share their support, insight and advice with you on your journey of motherhood.

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